Examining the Working of Bail Bond Companies

legal hammerWhen an individual is arrested and taken to court, the judge can determine and set bail for him. Once the bail is set, the individual can be released from jail until the next court date. A bail bond company helps such individuals to make their bail if they cannot afford to do so on their own. The company does so by selling the accused a surety bond. The surety bond can be considered as an insurance of the accused showing up in court whenever needed.

How Do Bail Bond Companies Make Money?

The bail bonds company makes its money from the cost of bonds. The accused has to pay a percentage of the bail, which is usually about ten percent. The accused also has to secure the given bond with collateral, which can be jewelry, a car, a house, or any other valuables. The bail bonds Martinez then guarantees to make payment of the rest of the money should the accused fail to appear in court.

The percentage of the bail which the accused pays is not returned to him even when he appears to court. The bail bond company collects it as their fee for the bond. It is for that reason that clients opt for the services of a bail bond company as the last option. However, there are times when such services are vital and might be the difference between the accused staying in jail and being released.

What Happens When a Client Skips Court?

Idollar bond n a majority of cases, the clients usually make their appearance in court when needed. However, there are some cases where the clients fail to comply with the requirements of the court. In such cases, the bail bond company is approved by the law to apprehend and bring the client to court. Professional bail enforcement agents who are trained in tracking down and apprehending fugitives safely usually do the work of retrieving the clients.

The company is responsible for paying bail in case the fugitive cannot be located. In such a case, the company seizes all the assets that the client used as bond collateral. The collateral seized includes what was offered by third parties.

Other Services

There are some other services that a bail bonds company can offer, other than bonding out accused individuals. Examples include process serving and private investigations. However, you should note that the state regulates both private investigators and process servers. That means that the individuals who offer such services may need a separate license for it.